health care workers at uci medical center university of california irvine saying thank you to project six feet for delivering meals

Please tell Rianna she is doing an amazing thing and thank her for us!

Natalie Lee, UCI Health Speech Pathology Supervisor

Thanks again Project Six Feet!!! The burritos, chips and salsa were really good, mmm!

Brian Strong, UCI Health step-down COVID-19 unit
healthcare workers showing six feet apart

Thank you again Project Six Feet for the wonderful lunch and masks. It makes me so happy to see your giving spirit in action! Thank you again!

Melissa Carmean, UCI Health Rehabilitation Manager

Thank you so much Project Six Feet for the meal! So thoughtful and delicious!

Megha Kini, skilled nursing facility physician

Having the community unite and support one another during this pandemic shows we are tough and compassionate. Thank you Project Six Feet!

Menezha Karimini – ER Physician